Cognitive EEG No-Risk Partnership for PCPs

  • Turnkey EEG assessment service to provide Cognitive EEG with instant reports
  • Measures brain voltage, cortical brain speed, and physical reaction time
  • These objective markers correlate to brain injury, cognitive, mental, mood status
  • Depression/Anxiety, PTSD, memory care services, annual wellness and more
  • Instant reports for treatment and repeatable tracking of patient progress

Revenue Generator for qualified practices seeing 1000+ pts /month

  • Approximately 15% of PCP patients qualify for an EEG based on symptoms
  • Trained staff provide intake form to assist check-in of pre-authorized patients
  • $7k – $28k per month (depends on # of days /Wk and # of doctors ordering assessment)

No risk/cost (zero out of pocket)

  • Plug & Play Service
  • Practice does not buy any medical devices, train staff, or manage billing

White Glove Service

  • MBHT provides Cognitive EEG medical device and software
  • Vetted and trained/certified staff to administer assessment
  • Instant report management
  • CPT Code Superbills provided, reimbursement workflow managed
  • Stark compliant contract broken down at an hourly rate for services

One consumable cost BUT…

  • Average medical reimbursement revenue will be around $275/scan
  • Less $75/scan for electrodes (eSocs). FDA mandates 1 use / patient
  • $200+ per patient x 7 Patients = $1,400 per day
  • $7,000 per week or $28,000 per month
  • MBHT will manage eSoc inventory with PCP’s supervision and signed approval
  • MBHT invoicing takes place monthly after practice has been reimbursed

Neurologist provided remotely to read raw EEG waves to rule out epilepsy/seizure issues, eliminating liability for your practice.
EEG Assessment takes about 40 minutes to perform (10 minutes to set up and we capture 20 minutes of actual assessment time and about 10 minutes to break down). We suggest scheduling one patient per hour. On a typical day we would see a minimum of (5) patients and a maximum of (7) patients for a full day.
TO BEGIN…, a practice just needs one day per week with patients that meet medical necessity based on the DX codes on the superbills MBHT provides.